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THURS, FEB 29, 2024 | 2-3 PM EST

Unlocking Tax-Free Benefits: The US-UK Pension Tax Treaty

Join us as we walk through the benefits of the US-UK Pension Tax Treaty and reveal strategies to maximize your pension tax-free, up to 25% in some cases. 

💷 In other words, you can withdraw up to £250,000 tax-free.

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What will you learn?



The US-UK Tax Treaty Explained: Uncover essential insights into how the US-UK Tax Treaty affects your pension withdrawals, focusing on the pivotal role of Article 17 in protecting your retirement savings.



Navigating Tax-Free Pension Withdrawals: Learn the intricacies of making tax-efficient withdrawals from your UK pension, including eligibility, limitations, the practical steps to maximize your tax benefits, and how to best integrate your pension into your US retirement income plan.



Expert Tax Planning: Discover tailored strategies to optimize your overall tax situation if you hold a UK workplace pension and live in the US, with a focus on leveraging treaty provisions and avoiding common pitfalls in expat tax compliance.


Hear from industry experts.

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Nicolas Castillo, CPA

Managing CPA, Bright!Tax

Nicolas, a US-Certified Public Accountant with a Master's in Taxation from the University of Miami, specializes in International Tax with over half a decade of experience. Now based in Spain, he's dedicated to enhancing US tax literacy among expats. Focused on small business owners and individuals alike, Nicolas leverages his expertise in the IRS Tax Code to provide top-tier tax strategies and savings.

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Michael Jordan, DipPFS, RICP

Managing Partner, BlackPoint

Michael, a Managing Partner at BlackPoint Capital Partners, is a UK and US-qualified financial professional with over 30 years of experience. Based in Miami since 2016, this London native specializes in Holistic Cross-Border Financial Planning for British and US Expats. His deep understanding of expat challenges and commitment to clients' financial aspirations has built lasting, trust-based relationships. Michael, an avid sports fan, enjoys major global sports events in his leisure time.


Nicolas Mauricio

Managing Partner, BlackPoint

Nico Mauricio, Managing Partner at BlackPoint Capital Partners, offers expert financial planning, investment management, and retirement strategies to high-net-worth individuals and international businesses. A finance graduate from Texas State University, Nico is passionate about traveling and cultural exploration with his spouse.